The Sentinel 100 provides a new level of electrical fault detection, identification and location in a compact, fully-engineered design ideal for integration

South Jordan, UT (March 8, 2017) — LiveWire Innovation, Inc. (“LiveWire”), a technology company that is the exclusive provider of Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR) announced the availability of the Sentinel 100, the first in a line of board-level 24/7 monitoring products. The Sentinel 100 or simply “S100” provides a new level of electrical fault detection, identification and location.

The ability of LiveWire’s SSTDR to operate on live systems without interfering with the host system enables system and infrastructure operators to maximize operational availability and safety, while also reducing maintenance costs. Embedded and continuous monitoring also enables preemptive action through the collection of valuable baseline data that can be used to help predict and prevent outages.

S100 SSTDRThe S100 is a fully-engineered, credit card-sized SSTDR “engine” that enables OEMs and integrators to embed the capability to detect absolute faults, such as short and open circuits, and hard-to-detect intermittent and developing events, such as arc faults, within their service infrastructure. SSTDR was first deployed in military avionics, with its tricky operating environment notorious for intermittent faults resulting in costly “No Fault Found (NFF)” conditions.

The embedded features of the Sentinel product line are particularly relevant for mission critical infrastructures such as Utilities, Rail, Aviation and Industrial Automation, where uninterrupted operation, age and harsh conditions can lead to safety risks, unplanned downtime and engineering expense.

LiveWire expects to release the next in the line of Sentinel products, slated as the Sentinel 300, in the Summer of 2017. The Sentinel 300, with a similar small form factor for ease of integration, is designed to address Three Phase industrial power applications.

For pricing and availability of the S100 or other LiveWire products, customers should email requests to or via the company contacts listed below.

About LiveWire Innovation

LiveWire Innovation is the exclusive provider of Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry solutions through ownership and licensing of 15 issued or pending patents in the area of SSTDR and related analytics and correlation techniques. The Company was started in 2004 with initial development and applied application of SSTDR funded by US Government contracts. Today, LiveWire works with OEMs, end-equipment manufacturers and operators to integrate its live monitoring capabilities into end-systems, along with selling handheld and housed products for use in field testing and installable deployments. SSTDR has broad applications in safety, security, reliability and data collection.

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