• Fully engineered, ready to integrate board-level engine
  • Patented SSTDR detects and locates faults with 98% accurary
  • Monitors circuits from millimeters to kilometers in length
  • 24/7 monitoring means real time collection of valuable baseline data for event fault prediction
  • General industry applicability in utilities, aerospace, rail systems, and industrial power systems

LiveWire Innovation’s Sentinel 100 is the first in a new line of fully engineered, board level SSTDR “engines”

The credit card sized board and corresponding chipset enables engineers, OEMs, end-equipment manufacturers, and system operators to quickly develop and integrate the ability to monitor live electrical systems for detection and location of critical open and short circuits, arc faults, and hard to see intermittent events.  Because it can operate on live systems, the Sentinel 100 also allows system operators to collect valuable baseline data that can be used to help predict and prevent outages.

Detecting cable faults

SSTDR – Spread Spectrum Time-Domain Reflectometry

LiveWire’s patented Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry, or “SSTDR”, is a unique signal technology that uses low amplitude signals, pseudo-random noise (PN) codes and innovative correlation techniques to look for impedance changes in energized cables at distances of up to 4 miles with fault location accuracy of 98%. SSTDR enables system operators and equipment manufacturers to ‘see’ into their electrical infrastructure while in use, something existing cable test methods and traditional TDR are not able to do. The ability to monitor without interrupting operations enables the detection of hazardous electrical faults, such as open and short circuits and intermittent events, like arc faults. Constant monitoring means collection of valuable data to predict and prevent dangerous, damaging, or costly failures.

Applications for live system monitoring include safety, security, reliability, and the collection of data. The operational benefits of continuous monitoring with precise fault location include increased revenue through less downtime, enhanced safety for employees and customers, reduced maintenance costs, and theft prevention. For many customers, the ability to characterize their systems’ baseline performance and monitor for changes holds significant potential.

SSTDR engine


  • LiveWire’s patented fault detection technology

  • Digital Spread Spectrum Time Domain Reflectometry (SSTDR)

  • Able to detect short circuit, open circuit, and arc faults

  • Distance to Fault Accuracy of 98%

  • Covers wide range of cable lengths, from cm to km

  • Small, credit-card sized form factor

  • Continuous Monitoring at ~60  scans per second

  • Transmit voltage level 15mV to 1.1 V peak-to-peak

  • Communications Interface: UART

  • Test Frequencies: 93.75 kHz to 24 MHz

  • Field Updatable via USB via support board

  • Maximum Distance Ratings:

      Electrical Cable: 0 to 5  km

      Data Cable: 0 to 1 km

      Coaxial Cable: 0 to 1 km

      Shield Power Distribution Cable: 0 to 6  km

  • Application specific input voltage rating with external support board

    i. e. CAT III 600V

2.7 to 12 VDC Input Voltage
Typical current draw at 3.3 VDC Input 0.35 mA
Typical Power Consumption 1.2 W
Size 3.4” x 2” (86 mm x 51 mm)
Weight 1 oz, nominal
Extended temperature products (-40 C to +85 C) available