Mantis Windows PC Interface Application Installation

Please uninstall previous application versions before proceeding with upgrade installation.

  1. Download the LiveWire Mantis Cable Monitor Installer – Windows PC Interface Application
  2. Save the “LiveWire Mantis Cable Monitor Installer.exe” file to your computer. Open the folder where the file was saved and then double-click on “LiveWire Mantis Cable Monitor Installer.exe” to begin the installation.
  3. Once the “LiveWire Mantis Cable Monitor” is installed it will be available in the Windows Start Menu under programs. Look for “LiveWire Mantis Cable Monitor”.
  4. Power on your Mantis unit, which will by default be in Access Point (AP) mode ready for WiFi connection to your PC software.
  5. Open the “LiveWire Mantis Cable Monitor” by double clicking on the application shortcut.
  6. Connect to the Mantis unit with your PC in WiFi mode by entering the Host IP:, and Password:cdma2000.